• Geoserv


    The one with the baby have boobs made me roar!

    Good post.

  • Stumble

    I can tell these are shopped from some of the pixels and having seen a number of shops in my time.

  • Maria

    I have the photograph of the guys in monkey suits. Can anyone tell me the provenance?

  • Alicia

    I don’t get the WTF one, too far zoomed out

  • Alicias Atard

    WTF is spelled differently than WHY

  • Alicia's A Total Retard

    Could have something to do with the CAR!!

  • Alicia


  • To Stumble

    You think some of those are shopped? Really? Do you?!

    You’re an absolute genius!

  • Dingo

    storm trooper for president champaign has been launched

  • BigfnMike

    I love storm trooper for president champaign. Cristal is overrated.

  • at work

    sexy dj

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