• robin yates

    what no Michael Jackson ?

  • dragontamer363

    haha nice stuff. i love the dr.evil Buddha most.

    great commentry on the worship of celebrities too, if you want to go down that road

  • seile

    8 only 8

  • Treason

    I'd appreciate it if you took the Summer Glau "Moon Goddess" down or at least put the Worth1000 logo back on so people can research who actually made the image (me – Treason). Thanks.

  • Cigaret

    , I think there are as just as many if not more men and women who prefer nomral breast sizes than those who prefer D and above. I only mention the size issue because a lot of unnecessary hot air is spent worrying about size. Bottom line is, when seeking a mate, be honest and match fetishes! There big boob men and big boob women who like a lot of tactile breast attention, and you need to find each other. There are women who actually are aroused by breast sex and rough fondling. Find each other! Same for nomral/small boob men and nomral/small boob women who like breast attention. Same for butt men/women and foot men/women, etc.Ok, apologies for the long post, but this is my favorite subject outside work.

  • diyego sumudu


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