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Polar Bear Chase! (5 Photos)

polar bear chase lead Polar Bear Chase! (5 Photos)
A man runs for his life after a polar bear chased him around his car in Barrow, Alaska. The man was unable to climb into his locked truck and eventually made a dash for an unlocked truck nearby. The victim suffered over 100 scratches but escaped with his life.

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  • SreyaNotfilc

    “The victim suffered over 100 scratches but escaped with his life.”

    Yet he was able to be photographed. Seriously, what person would not try to assist a man who is endangered?

  • robin yates

    if the person who took those pics had a 357 combat loaded hand gun with him, maybe no pics and a dead bear but he didn’t so we can enjoy his photographic skills

  • Equalizer

    The Polar Bear just wants to play

  • Da Sandman

    where r the other 4 pics..?

  • John

    I lived in Barrow, Alaska and I personally know this guy. He did not get a single scratch, and he ran inside the local college where he worked.

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