• Signe

    In the dark? Many of these are perfectly fine make-up… Some of them are just somewhat eccentric and about half of them just look normal!

  • Jen

    about half of these are splendid makeup applications…a few of them ARE COPYRIGHTED PLEASE TAKE THEM DOWN YOU ARE BREAKING THE LAW

  • Leo Resig

    Hi Jen, do you own any of these photos? If so, which ones and I will remove them

  • junephilippines

    JEN is so over acting

  • Anonymous

    most of this is good makeup, and you cant make a hidious women beautiful with makeup, its not magic.

  • Maria

    I agree with most people commenting here that some of these looks are perfectly good .

  • Yup, son.

    A few are awful. Most are fine and some are actually fantastic in terms of creativity from a makeup artist’s point of view.

  • ladyguitarstar

    great post, and shut up jen, youre so lame.

  • jamen

    should rename this “Dont let idiots get into the make up bin”

  • Beau

    #13 Derp, I has boobs. Who cares about how my makeup looks.

  • blah

    lol thats my name!Maria!

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