Hunter S. Thompson motivational posters (13 posters)

hunter s thompson led Hunter S. Thompson motivational posters (13 posters)

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  • robin yates

    Hmmmmm, er yes

  • Scott

    This loser killed himself

    • fuckoff

      so should you, shitbird..

    • Hstfan

      Screw you, you'll never get near to what he achieved, douchebag

    • Gonzo19667

      He went out on his own terms. He decided he didn't want to live a life full of pain and no joy so he took himself out.

    • Ryan

      He killed himself because his health was going down the tubes, and he didn't want to spend the rest of his life in a bed shitting himself like the rest of us. So, how about you shut the fuck up?

    • john allen dahlager

      scot I doubt you’ll read this but at least he changed the way people think and write you won’t even be a footnote on the ass of the world no one will remember your name or your life

    • JimmiesBoRustle

      You have zero understanding of Gonzo. In short, shut the fuck up and try not to think about how pathetic your existence is. Cunt.

  • Settor87

    A related ambiguity is questions which have the form of yes-no questions, but which are intended not to be. ,

  • Maxx74

    Cause and effect is not proven, and many think the cost exceeds any potential benefits. ,

  • Anon

    we like him.

  • Badfish

    RIP Hunter S Thompson

  • Derbymon

    Many people talk.
    Few peopel Do.
    Pro or con; this guy created a new form of writing.
    What have you done.

    • Eduardo

      You also created a new form of writing … the word people, "peopel".

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  • Laura

    Brilliant, talented writer. Love reading his stuff. Wouldn't wanna hang out with him (I don't think I could handle those kinds of adventures anymore – um, maybe a few years ago, but not these days ) but then, he never invited me to hang out with him. So I guess that worked out in the end. Sorry he's not around anymore, though. I feel like I miss him even though I never met him.I would like it if he was still in the world. But at least he lives on with his books and in documentaries and in memory.

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