Google Search: 'The Most Beautiful Women In The World' (32 Photos)

google image beautiful lead Google Search: 'The Most Beautiful Women In The World' (32 Photos)
Ever do a Google Image search and find yourself wondering, ‘how did they come up with THESE photos?’ You’re not alone. And for the sake of beauty and humor, The Chive is going to show you the first two pages of results when we Google The Most Beautiful Women In the World. Enjoy!

  • Gill Avila

    What? No Summer Glau? No Alyson Hannigan? What a rip!!

  • aaron22

    alyson hannigan is a dirty pirate hooker

  • agelone

    lol @ black girls

  • sibitahassan

    go picturequckly

  • robin yates

    good looking,,,,,,,, yes,,,,,,,,attractive,,,,,yes,,,,,,,,but the most beautiful in the world,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,nope

  • Anonymous

    none of my wife.

  • mustangsuprsnake

    The most beautiful woman in the world??————> KATE BEAVER<———– is POSITIVELY in the top 5!!!! Perhaps even number one!Who is she you may wonder??? Go to the internet movie database ( imdb ) and see the evidence for yourself!!!!She also used to be a professional dancer in the NBA.For even more indisputable proof, google "phillysexysingles" and look at her bio and the red 2-piece bikini she wore!!But i caution you guys, the only cure once laying eyes on this PRINCESS is to immediately take a cold shower,lest you burn yourself from the inside after viewing,'cause THIS CHICK IS THAT HOT!!TRUST ME!!!

    • Paton

      Ha, Kate beaver looks like a younger Celine Dion, mouth too small, nose too pinched. Hot bod though!

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