FAIL: Creepiest calendar ever (13 photos)

a creepiest coffin calendar 1 FAIL: Creepiest calendar ever (13 photos)

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  • Oscar

    Clicking on the image on the main page to get to this gallery gives of 404 error. Had to get here by clickng on the view comments. THe image link had a 12 instead of a 01.

  • francisco


  • squid

    wow thats creepy as hell

  • Carlos

    Oh come on. Who hasn’t done a chick in a coffin? Nice camel toe on September too.

  • Miziou

    June and December – my favourites from now on ;]

  • junephilippines

    concept by funeral business… so what do you expect. They’re just using their products.

  • xclusive02

    WHY!?!?!?!?! Who would buy such a thing?

  • robin yates

    well I’m a Leo so August looks good to me

  • random-random


    there are no words that can make this ok..

  • guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh

    useless as a calendar

  • RiHughes

    Proof that sex doesn’t sell everything.

  • Army of Dad

    well funeral workers so rarely get to see real live girls…

  • Maddie

    april looks like eliza dushku. and thats my birthday. and shes hott as hell. so its all good.

  • Isaac


    they sexed up death.

    Oh and September has a MAD CAMLETOE

  • top dog

    OK, not bad, creppy as hell but not bad at all..

  • JR

    The 2010 calendar is actually kinda hot. check out their website.

  • HANK

    June=Dead Sexy

  • Bill Peas

    I've been a Cofani fan for years. I want a sexy coffin.

  • GooberPP

    I've been their fan for years. Yea, sexy funeral. More would come to mine if they were there.


    Didn't even see the caskets until I got to may and was like "Ok, what is wrong with these pictur… OH MY SWEET JESUS THERE ARE FREAKING COFFINS BEHIND THEM!!!"

  • justaguy

    #6 Damn, I would die to be with miss April

  • Adam Hacke

    The only thing that makes this 'creepy' is the look of the girls. Let's face it, if they were dressed like goths, it wouldn't be quite so 'weird.'

  • Always Last


  • hardcheese1

    id probably take a run at all of them-even knowing it would be a dead lay

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