Is that a dead animal on your head? (15 photos)

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animal hair styles 8 Is that a dead animal on your head? (15 photos)

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  • LOL

    Those are COOL!

  • Fe1

    Scary Pooch Spice!

  • xclusive02

    Who ever thought these were a good idea?

  • Milly

    Definately not a good fashion statement, but it’s crazy the things you can do with your hair..

  • bobdole


  • Rymes

    so totally shopped.

  • adrienne

    they’re actually real.
    lady gaga wore the elephant hairpiece during a performance on a tv show one time.

  • ...

    there cool but who the fu*k would want one?

  • Jeana

    I wnaetd to spend a minute to thank you for this.

  • pxmszyoijfx

    bAlPL2 elttvmjjjgss

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