Paris Hilton sold a lot of Mary Kay this year (20 photos)

a paris hilton pink bently 2 Paris Hilton sold a lot of Mary Kay this year (20 photos)
My New Years resolution is for Paris to wreck this monstrosity.

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    […] “Paris Hilton Sold a Lot of Mary Kay this Year“, by Unknown, TheChive, January 5, 2009. […]

  • C

    they’re all pink inside

  • Anonymous

    no i think it’s a joke?

  • Abbie

    she will have it wrecked in one week! lol

  • junephilippines

    love the car

  • Billie

    how dare she desecrate such a fine car… this is one of the reasons i hate her with a passion…

  • SreyaNotfilc

    I love her. Sure she comes off as a snob and uneducated, but man is she hot!!

  • Gbanger


  • wtf

    …and no crotch-shot in it yet?

    even worse, no crotch shot jokes yet???? come on people

  • Gaby

    i'd like to do nasty things to her face with my ejaculate, yes.

  • Dreamer

    OK she ruined a car, and maybe she's stupid as f*ck, I'd still give a nut to bang her!

  • Ali

    Can she even drive??

  • stupidguest

    knife? solomons throat? =good idea. greeting frm ron and nicole.


    i don’t want to live in this world anymore

  • amanda

    mary kay doesn't give out Bently's. she asked them to make it for her

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