The Abandoned Island of Hashima (15 Photos)

hashima island lead1 The Abandoned Island of Hashima (15 Photos)
Also called “Battleship Island”, Hashima Island off the coast of Japan was once the most densely populated city on planet earth. From 1890 to 1974, the island was a coal mining facility. But when petroleum replaced coal in the 1960’s, coal mines across Japan began shutting down and Hashima was abandoned, giving it a new nickname, “Ghost Island.”

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  • Rob

    That third photo is actually a fairly well-known shot of Singapore. That area has since been torn down.

    The other photos are amazing, though. Thanks!

  • Etan Sivad

    The 2nd and 3rd photos are Kowloon city (Which is in China), Not Hashima island.

  • John Resig

    thanks guys, fixed!

  • carlosrx8

    does anyone know why these places become abandoned?

    • Jawbone

      Coal crash, as it says in the description. Try reading. Fucktard.

  • Anonymous

    How mach i like to by it.

    • Jawbone

      Buy spelling lessons instead.

  • mimi

    i think this is where they filmed the movie "battle royale" (you know,the jap movie where only one student can survive so they have to kill other a students)

    • that_ALBANIAN_guy

      Great movie franchise. Part 1 was better than part 2 though.

  • wantboobs

    i want to know why there are always loads of planks thrown about everywhere 😐

  • Patrica

    Incredxible. kicks ass.

  • Beth

    I think the planks/boards clustered like they are would be the result of water, either from large waves or tsunamis? The way they are clumped up in areas seems to lead to water being an explanation.

  • Jani

    @ mimi…'Battle Royale' was filmed in the forests surrounding Japan not on this island. As you can plainly see there was at no time forests on this island.

    • Tony

      Nope, you're wrong a simple google will tell you that battle royale *was* filmed on this island.

  • Hekie

    The third one is not Hashima.I'm sure,it's Hong kong or Singapore!!

  • kanda

    Amass Funds.
    Private Island Fortress to survive Zombie apocalypse. 😀

  • Jason

    I totally want to have a giant paintball battle here.

  • Teddybearr.

    i am so gonna visit this place before i die. *adds to bucket list*

  • that_ALBANIAN_guy

    that_ALBANIAN_guy was here.

    • Jawbone

      We can tell from all the dicks that have been sucked dry.

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  • Peter

    Saw this island in the latest Bond movie Skyfall. Fantastic location.

  • BlackBlocSoldat

    The second picture is actually a picture of Kowloon a notorious slum in China. You can tell because Hashima was pre-planned and the buildings where built symmetrically while kowloon was built unit on top of units thus had a very asymmetrical shape. For cross reference look at the level height of all the top floor of the buildings in Hashima in the birds eye view then look at the unevenness of the structures in the second photo. Also i know this because that exact same photo shows up in almost every article written about Kowloon

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