That's not good at all… (22 photos)

a car plane crash hurt pics 2 That's not good at all... (22 photos)

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  • JM

    The first picture is a fake.

  • robin yates

    oh dear !,,,,,,,,,,, what you mean, I’m not insured !!!!!!!

  • xclusive02

    Wow. Shit really can hit the fan. Why do people f*ck up airplanes so bad.

  • Phil

    I’d say only 2 are fake – the first and the quad jumper. I don’t see why anyone’s an idiot here, but I do see that you’re a douche nozzle, as thechive puts it. Shit can go wrong, doesn’t need to be photoshopped. kthnxbai

  • top dog

    Right right, nothing is more relaxing than having a fat woman jump on your back. Oh shit moments the lot of em.

  • albert

    the first and last pictures are NOT FAKES but very real in 1998 july in San Juan, Puerto Rico that plane took off as its engine went into flames, the pilot did an immediate emergency landing by doing a very quick loop and land. it was on CNN Headline News

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  • your name

    fuckin moron

  • Slauterhause

    Real mature.

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