Deserted Russian military base (22 photos)

a deserted military base pics 0 Deserted Russian military base (22 photos)

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  • Bobert

    is there a link where we can see more pics like this?

  • mirou

    freak, I like this place, where it is exactly located?

  • mirou


  • Anonymous

    “englishrussia” or something like that has TONS of these dilapidated russian base pics

  • scrunchedupwords

    Dude I think this would be an awesome carnival

  • anonymous

    Soviet, not Russian

  • Tik

    Where is this? Whats the name of the place??

  • Sir Eitan

    awesome place for a paintabll war!!

  • B Line (@asylumstudio)

    Dude got it right… Paintballing!!!!!

  • john

    theres a shit load of old MiGs rusting out in the desert by al Asad air base in iraq. its whats left of saddams air force. he thought itd be a good idea to bury them in ground until the war was over then he could go back and dig em up again… long story short is there are things like this all over the world. bagram used to look like this too but they cleaned it up pretty well since 01.

  • That Guy

    Is it just me or does that tank and those APCs look like they're in nothing short of pristine condition, as if they could be fueled up and driven away? The MiG-23 obviously isn't going anywhere, but those armored vehicles… there's something fishy about them and how they're so… clean and intact… for being abandoned.

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