They're called Lenticular clouds and they're totally badass (20 Photos)

lenticular clouds lead They're called Lenticular clouds and they're totally badass (20 Photos)
Lenticular clouds, technically known as altocumulus standing lenticularis, are stationary lens-shaped clouds that form at high altitudes. These clouds are formed by so-called “mountain waves” of air created by strong winds forced over high mountains.

  • robin yates

    nature continues to amaze me,,,,,,,,awesome pics

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  • xclusive02

    Those are badass. Amazing.

  • kj00000

    1/20 pics…ugh

  • Nathalia

    Dear Chive, are you trying to drive us away? Will I be sintitg around tomorrow thinking “I remember when I used to check this website called the Chive, but then they really wanted me to keep watching this lame ad, so I stopped visiting, and now I don’t look at any of their ads?” Great Video other than the ad. Which is not quite as bad as saying that Our American Cousin was a great play aside from that thing which happened to Lincoln.

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