Unforgettable photos that shook the world *Warning Graphic* (60 photos)

a most memorable moving photos 52 Unforgettable photos that shook the world *Warning Graphic* (60 photos)

  • Eddie

    If I had to add two more, I would’ve put the Berlin Wall falling, and maybe a picture of the Border Patrol agent pointing a gun at Elian Gonzalez. (Though the latter suggestion may be Americentrism on my part; for all I know it wasn’t a big deal to anyone outside the U.S. and Cuba).

  • Renee

    The photo of the vulture waiting for the little child to die of starvation breaks my heart.

  • Zach

    Hey, the Iwo Jima's a fake, but it still shook the nation

    • mick0311

      It was a re-enactment, not a fake. They raised it once, then again for the photo.

  • Sarah

    I think you should give some background to each picture in order to fully get across the significance. Also, too many 9/11 shots in my opinion.

  • jun

    That Vietnamese (Nguyen Van Lem) indeed shot in the head by Nguyen Ngoc Loan. The man who shot him was a South Vietnamese general at the time who later repatriated to the USA after the war. Accordingly, he ran a pizzeria in the US. I wonder if he was ever tried in the US courts for a war crime committed. Anyway, when the Americans discovered his identity, his pizza shop closed down. He later died of cancer.

  • ronnie

    the sad thing is a dont know a lot of the pictures up there it would have been nice for a mini background

  • Evil Taco

    You know all of those are copywrite, right? Putting your label on them is illegal, since you’re in effect claiming ownership of copywrited works.

    Second time I’ve been sent to this site today, and it’s the second time I’ve seen blatant violations of copywrite. Shame, because this’d be a good article, otherwise.

  • xclusive02

    WOW. Evil Taco you suck. Let us enjoy this great website.

  • AaronT

    Whats the one with the kid scribbling on the blackboard? Any info on that one?

    • mee

      Teresa, grew up in a concentration camp and was asked to draw a picture of "home" on the blackboard

  • robin yates

    two incidents are fixed in my head,,,one was 911 the other Abu Gharaib

  • Aleš

    I second Evil Taco

  • Equalizer

    Most of these pictures are very depressing, especially the racial discrimination during the early times in the States…

  • eric

    i can only see the first picture

  • Joe K

    Or one photo…?

  • Anonymous


    only the first pic shows up.

  • nachos

    1 pic?

  • Anonymous

    same with mee…only one pic shows up =/ 😦

  • paul

    only one pic again

  • MSW

    one pic wtf

  • That Guy

    Hey, how does one see the rest? I’m only seeing the T-Square picture.

  • Nagrom

    This list has 60 pics in, but I’m only getting the first.

    This happens all the time at TheChive.

    Tried Refresh, but doesnt work.

    Anyone know how to get the whole page up?


  • foolify

    if you read the comments from the beginning, they give a good indication as to why there is only one picture up.

  • http://www.facebook.com/BenTJGough Ben Thomas Joshua Gough


    Here are the Images 🙂 Fix please.

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  • Wayne Farnum

    Mr. Loan was not a General, but a senior ranking police officer. Mr. Lem was a Viet Cong infiltrator. It was the 1968 ‘Tet’ Communist Offensive.

    Col. Loan had just found the remains of his wife and children, who had been murdered by Mr. Lem.

    The media tried to cover that part up.

    VietNam Vet.

  • Chas2K

    Not a fake. Staged. Two different things. It was taken at Iwo Jima at the close of fighting but was a backup shot to the original.

  • Rick

    One pic here also WTF?

  • Anonymous

    copyright, if you are to speak intelligently, please do so correctly.

  • Caleb

    Rosenthal’s photo at Iwo Jima was neither faked nor staged. It was however the second time a flag had been raised over Suribachi, which Rosenthal made no bones about admitting. The original flag was replaced, as it was to small to be seen from the beach.

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