Swiss army laptops (15 photos)

a weird interesting laptop 20 Swiss army laptops (15 photos)

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  • grbhnjmkujnhbgvfdc

    these r real funny uses 4 a laptop

  • Wow

    Most are HP…

  • my

    one of them is taken in malaysia if im not mistaken

  • Equalizer

    Most were probably outdated laptops already for disposal.

  • xclusive02

    What a way to use a laptop. Im too cheap to buy one though.

  • Sid

    But seriously, a Swiss Army signature, all in red with the famous shield in silver, could be a great hit. I know I would want one. To bad it could cost a fortune just for the brand name.

  • Gooner29

    I'm pretty sure that the one with an egg on it is a Dell, those things radiate so much heat it is ridiculous.

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