Jack Russel the human dog (12 photos)

a jack russel human dog 9 Jack Russel the human dog (12 photos)

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  • donuteyes

    why aren’t their tails bobbed?

  • ib

    because its the parsons russell terrier that is mainly bobbed… jacks dont have them much as often now

  • Shey R.

    After two really retarded dogs, I found a Jack Russell and he’s really clever and I may never switch to another breed

  • newfiebackflip

    They are cute and smart dogs but I just don't like them. My fiance has one and he is a pain in my ass. Not only has he bitten more people then my pitbull, he loves to go pee outside then come inside to take his crap. Super aggressive and possessive as well, im going to be nervous when our baby arrives in Jan.

    But im sure there are ones that are a-holes and some that are sweet as anything. Just my personal view.

  • Anonymous

    Neurotic animals! I freaking love my jack!!! She’s like a little ball of crystal meth!!!

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