Afternoon randmoness 01.09.09 (29 photos)

a afternoon funny random 22 Afternoon randmoness 01.09.09 (29 photos)

  • SreyaNotfilc

    I’m in love with the lady in the top photo.

  • robin yates

    the red Rolls Royce with the Hammer and Sickle,,,,,,,,,,another classic worthy of keeping

  • xclusive02

    the elephant one scares me everytime

  • xclusive02

    HEY STFU. I wish my plate read that.

  • dj_red

    Somewhere in the top photo there’s a baseball glove…I think.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone have any more pictures of the girl throwing the pitch or where the picture was taken? It’s impossible to look away.

  • Pics4you

    Let them be free ❤

  • Paul

    Why post this again if you are not going to show THE 29 PICTURES!!

  • scudrazor

    iam english i don't get baseball……… but i like what see

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