Sketch artist Karen Davidson (38 photos)

a karen davidson sketch artist 14 Sketch artist Karen Davidson (38 photos)

  • xclusive02

    good art work.

  • Stacy

    Sometimes u need to be strict with children, but that doesnt mean you should hit them. Being strict and hitting children are two different things. What hitting does is makes the child more stubborn. Many a times, we hit a child not coz of his fault but coz we are frustrated about something else in our life. That is very unfair. Would we have liked something similar to be done to us when we were a child? Even if we have gone through it in our childhood, it does not give us any reason to do the same to the little budding flowers. Keep calm, give them love and they will be just fine and listen to you even more.

    • AInnie

      Amen to Stacy. You couldn’t have said it better.
      why smack their hands, instead of just moving them away with a gentle “no.”
      Do severe whipping really teach anything, or does it cause resentment?
      Kids who don’t understand why their are being hit by their parents can end up hitting their friends and maybe become a violent person.
      Most parents who hit their kids are just having a hard time or a bad day. Usually, discipline is not even a part of it.

  • Dude

    shut up stacy

  • Theodore

    I don't think Stacey has ever been around children.

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