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Just your average, ordinary, everyday Storm Trooper (21 Photos)

storm trooper average lead2 Just your average, ordinary, everyday Storm Trooper (21 Photos)

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    […] The Chive: Las tropas imperiales también tienen días libres para desconectar un poco y relajarse. […]

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    […] Storm troopers were once considered a great fighting force. But once their leader was killed and their Death Star blown to hell, storm troopers were out of a job. What are storm troopers up to now? We’ve got a few pictures that tell the story of life after the war. Must be rough living like this after you had a sweet job and blaster and all. (TheChive) […]

  • robert ball

    One of your stormtroopers seems to be a little bit out of uniform. Put her on a discipline detail. And you really didn’t NEED to include that LAST stormtrooper. Thing like that’ll give you nightmares!

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