Ridiculous 1970’s JC Penney Catalogue (16 photos)

a jc penney catalogue11 Ridiculous 1970s JC Penney Catalogue (16 photos)

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  • mreldcity

    Strange but true. I owned some of that stuff. :>0

  • pundit

    Dude is that Scott Bakula in picture 6?? Ziggy and Al would be PISSED at that bathing towel suit whatever…..

  • Jellybean

    this post is missing fifteen pictures.

  • http://15minutelunch.blogspot.com johnny virgil

    It's also from my blog at 15minutelunch.blogspot.com. Stop by!

  • That70sMan

    Hey what's so ridiculous about this catalog this is classy man!! Wish people still dressed like that. At least with me, I still wear these clothes you dig it?!

  • Hector LaVoe

    Don't HATE man! Admit that the 70s style was far superior than today's garbage you all know that! You just love to poke fun at class…I dress 70s every dya of my life and I'm only 36. Dig THAT to your graves!

  • Hector LaVoe

    BTW, I have a lot of these clothes in my closet and wear them daily, and I care less what anyone thinks. It's still a free country man I live every minute as a Bicentennial minute!

  • Anonymous

    Those platform shoes were the best, oh yeah bangs!

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