Apple is taking over the world (22 photos)

a apple mac taking over 13 Apple is taking over the world (22 photos)

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  • Produkte, die von Apple leider nie veröffentlicht wurden //

    […] bin mal auf einen Artikel gestossen, in dem noch weitere tolle Designerstudien von Apple gezeigt wurden. Diese haben es leider aber nicht geschafft veröffentlicht zu […]

  • SreyaNotfilc

    I’ll gladly give Eve her apple 🙂

  • Psara

    An iron or a mower with an ipod built in?! Great idea!

  • josh

    22 pictures eh?

  • jake

    as much as i can't stand apple, one picture is always disappointing

  • McLovin' It

    my friends and came up with a ton of these jokes one day while valeting…

    apple has introduced a counseling program for people who recently discovered they were gay… they're calling it the iDidarod

    apple discovered a new series of land masses in the pacific ocean… they're calling them the iLands


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