Miracles of makeup (30 photos)

a miracles makeup 30 Miracles of makeup (30 photos)

  • DGK

    Photoshop != Makeup.

  • binkie

    I know, right! Most of these are more photoshopped than make-up.

  • chris

    Should be called Before and after photoshop miracles

  • Sarah

    I think this is kind of awful, actually. People need to appreciate women…not makeup. How much more sincere would your life be if you could appreciate a woman's insides, not just her face?

    • K.C.Wyo

      I love a woman's insides…

  • el Rey Cianuro

    Sarah, you need to shut up. First of all, women are just as vain as men. Although you didn’t specifically say that men are assholes and judge women, that is clearly implied. That said, I have no appreciation for the insides of a women. I personally find insides to be disgusting.. Man or woman. Why the hell would I care if a woman had a good liver or kidneys? I’m not some kind of freak that wants to harvest my women for their meaty insides. Sarah, you’re just sick.

  • junephilippines

    no: 5 photo is impressive!!!

  • The punin-sher

    last one looks gorgeous on both pics. Nevertheless, i still think women look better au naturel, or with a little make up, nowadays they look like they used masks instead of make up

  • Maria

    this is not just make-up hello !

  • bopboppoppop

    #1 is hot.

    Some are ugly either way

  • kj00000

    only 1 picture 😡 omg seriously

  • alextc

    yeah wtf i only see one pic

  • phuqyu

    where are the other 29 pics moron?

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