Famous ghost pictures (25 photos)

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a famous ghost pictures 2 Famous ghost pictures (25 photos)
Turning the opacity down in photoshop is not rocket science..

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  • Dean girk 69

    Hello I have a ghost in my house it is a little boy he takes my stuff and messes w/ my puppy.

  • toasty


  • xclusive02

    ghost pictures rule

  • Gill Avila

    Too bad most are obvious fakes

  • Equalizer

    That is scary!

  • mirou


  • cuervo

    sad girl standing next to what seems to be her grave in ruins…… epic

  • boast guster

    That cowboy is just an early photobomb.

  • schango

    the first one is a result of slow shutter speed. that explain the captured movement from the baby as well.

    • schango

      or a double exposed film if was from a non digital camera.
      The little girl in the back could have moved as the picture was taken.

  • brucechino

    The Three Men and a Baby one was a cardboard cut out they left on the set.

  • doctorwhorules


  • BAKA

    its sooo easy to docotor photos these days. I doubt any of these are real. But i could be mistaken…..

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  • Anonymous

    Most don’t belive because they can’t explain it..we often dismiss what we don’t understand….my grandfathers house is haunted…voices in the fireplace , old console tv turning over , radios switch off and on…but they are not mean. Open your mind.

  • Yasya

    Fotoshop master!11

  • http://gerrygibbscamerawarehouse.com.au/ David DeVito

    While chances are many of these are probably doctored or caused by exposure issues, it's definitely not the ideal way one would usually think about when using a camera. Honestly, how many people wouldn't be freaked out if something showed up in a photo they took that wasn't supposed to be there?

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