This is a real human person (7 Photos)

jay cutler lead This is a real human person (7 Photos)
His name is Jay Cutler and I’m sure steroids are not involved.

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  • Mr. Obvious

    It’s QUITE obvious that photos one and two are Photoshopped. 🙄

  • amie

    I quite agree… the rest, though incredible, I suppose could be real! Scary!

  • joe

    um, the first 2 aren’t jay cutler, and they’re not real. the rest of them are jay cutler, and they are real. jesus, you guys should get your act together.

  • Corella

    one question…can he wipe his own ass? or does he have some sort of man servant to do it?

    • @vladtheimpish

      He would have to do it himself, as no mere mortal's hand would survive the crushing power of his ass.

  • kev

    he has an hour glass figure…
    a big brown turd-like hour glass

  • Phil

    i would love to see this guy go toe-to-toe with vladimir kiltschko or even manni paquiao or even a mma/ufc fighter, just to watch him get his ass kicked.

    he wouldnt last 1 minute against any of them

  • Equalizer

    I bet with all those muscles, he has a small dick…

  • Maddie

    hes so ugly…

  • Needalcohol

    The first 2 photos are fakes, you can see it at the size of the legs. Compare it to those of REAL bodybuilders like Jay Cutler, Ronnie Coleman. The following picts are real, this is Jay Cutler, 2009 Mr Olympia.

    • skeptic

      this is jay cutler…

  • Cowcharge

    Those guys can’t run across the street without a sandwich and a nap, much less do anything remotely useful. I’d like to see him split wood.

  • Kell


    • Alp

      glad someone noticed…

  • C

    It is obvious they stuff their banana hammocks.

  • DiggeR

    Lotta work in the Gym, and a helluva lotta supplements and food help you get to that size.

    some things to remember when looking at professional bodybuilders
    – the ‘shrinkage’ issue actually doesn’t exist. That man’s thighs are the size of most peoples chest, he could have a footlong in there and it’d still look like a peanut next to that thigh.
    – They can actually ‘do’ things, former Mr Olympia Ronnie Coleman is an active member of the police force in his home town. Arnold was an actor alongside many other things while a professional.
    – These guys in competition pictures have a bodyfat percentage that is dangerously low which gives them the ‘ripped & vascular’ look. It’s their chosen profession and they do quite well at it. It’s the pursuit of symmetry and perfection in their minds.

  • Loag

    Jay Cutler has more determination, discipline and motivation then any of you haters ever will. You all think you inject one needle in your ass and your instantly huge. It doesn’t work that way. Body building is easily the hardest sport out there. It takes the most commitment. 24/7. Working out 1 or two times a day everyday, eating healthy for every meal. These guys are champions

    • keith

      umm its not actually a sport. it’s more like a fashion show.

  • Davo

    Guys stop being whiney cunts. Thanks

  • Blake

    Well “Nobody,” he would be Physically fit if he wasn’t pumping steroids directly into his system. As for the opinion part, you’re a dumbass. That man couldn’t wipe his own ass, let alone perform daily tasks, so yes, it is useless for anything other than looking deformed. I’d also like to say that for the “what women like section,” that is the overall standard of most women. Yes true not all, but most likely over 90% of them. You’re just a little loser bitching over nothing in the most literal sense. The fact of the matter is that the man in the picture above has a useless body (even though the picture is most likely photoshopped.

  • Ethan

    ‘Muscles that big are ineffective for fighting’

    OMG you’re so right, a huge guy like Brock Lesnar will *totally* never be UFC champion, there’s just no chance of that happening at all.


  • Anonymous

    grotesque tbh

  • kruelaid

    If the guy worked out with the same discipline, ate the same diet… but without the steroids, he'd look great.

  • Rocketman

    Ow, Ow, Ow!!!!!!!! Muscle cramp!! Mega, mega muscle cramp!!

  • screwutoo

    this person is unless and will be dead in a few years. yeah……i'm a hater.

  • @vladtheimpish

    The first few photos have to be 'shopped, especially #3; there's no way someone taking as many 'roids as he'd need to look like that would fill out those speedos like that…

  • Jones

    erm – u guys have to remember this is a sport, however screwed up it is. hes not in it to look sexy, or for the ladies i can assure you. the amount of dedication involved in such a sport is huge!! he just loves lifting heavy weights however useless that may seem… and i am 101% sure that he definitely uses steroids….they all do so get to that amount of muscle mass….oh and btw im just a sports fanatic and not a body-builder myself 😉

  • jon

    Jay Cutlers the man!

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  • derek

    lol yeah. muscles that big are ineffective for, well, for anything really. especially fighting

  • to Phil

    Wow, Phil. You think?

    Is he training to be a fighter? NO, dumbass. He’s training his MUSCLES. He is “building” his “body”. He is a bodybuilder, not a fighter.

    I don’t agree with this kind of extreme bodybuilding shit whatsoever. But you guys hate too fucking much. “He wouldn’t last a sec with 1 UFC fighter”, “his dick is so small”. LOL. Get a fucking life.

  • DaScotch

    The guy is not building his body – it is obviously destroying his body! That body si DEFORMED – it is not nice and it is not useful. It is not good for fighting (maybe he doesn’t want to fight), girls usually like the fit, but much less muscular guys (maybe he doesn’t like girls) and all the steroids do a lot of damage to the organism.
    This type og guys should be defined as muscle builders not body builders!

  • Nobody

    How the hell is it destroying his body…do you have any idea how physically fit bodybuilders are? “It’s not nice and it is not useful” is your own stupid opinion, don’t try to pass it off as fact. No, it’s not good for fighting, which is completely irrelevant but apparently important to the people on here who think they have something to prove. And how the hell do you know what girls like or don’t like? You think there aren’t women that prefer a muscle-bound, phat-paid athlete over some fatass bitching on the internet about steroids? Jesus, Chive’s comment sections are starting to look like Youtube’s.

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