Miracle on the Hudson pictures (27 photos)

a miracle hudson river plane crash 5 Miracle on the Hudson pictures (27 photos)
captain chesley sullenberge Miracle on the Hudson pictures (27 photos)
Hero, Captain Chesley Sullenberger announced, “Brace yourself for a heavy landing!” just before ditching the US Airways Airbus 380 into the freezing Hudson River. The plane struck a flock of geese disabling both engines. All 155 passengers survived with little to no injury.

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  • Tony

    Do they actually expect people to believe the angle ones? Of course its an angel, but its not like that was actually in the real photo

  • beezweezer

    I believe that the “angel” question could be best answered by the pilot.

  • Baylor

    Do you mean that baby like face in the picture?

  • Equalizer

    Yes, the Angels are MAD because they killed a flock of geese…

  • top dog

    Awesome flying captain, and even better landing. Awesome.

  • Underhill

    Question:: Who was the last person off the aircraft?? Just asking'.

    • E.Cullen

      Captain Sullenberger.

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