• robin yates

    won’t work for me sadly

  • Lame

    Does Not Work

  • Mr Wesley

    I can’t get it, or any of the other ‘roll over’ posts to work either, in either IE or Firefox.

  • Ross

    Won’t work for me – is it because I am running Vista?

  • Anonymous

    Oh dear god… your OS has nothing to do with something working or not on the internet… *facepalm*

    • sc0ob5

      Unless it’s flash and you are using the iPhone OS…

  • Waz

    Bah wont work for me… Link probably broken its an old post after all.

  • Equalizer

    Too bad it didn’t work in you guys. It just showed the fat version of that girl in bikini….

  • tyrone mixon

    these roll overs never work for me.??..??

  • Raul

    noooot working!

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