• first

    first pic is win ❗

  • Anonymous

    👿 ❓

  • icrovop

    The Scottish shop is in Old Town Alexandria, VA right on the main drag

  • Hippocrocorhinophant

    Fail!? I think not. Its bycicle repair man!!!!

  • ~Foo Fighter~

    The picture = WIN

    He got himself a deer…that's gotta be somekinda redneck WIN.

  • Kevin

    Fail? I think not
    1) That deer is a lot heavier than you think. It would be hard enough to walk with this thing balanced on your shoulder let alone riding a bike with one hand.
    2)This dude is riding a bike in the snow. Ever ride a bike in the snow? How about riding a bike in the snow with a freaking deer over you shoulder? I think not.
    3)My assessment of the situation is this dude is pretty tough. When is the last time you showed that much grit and determination? This dude is bringing home the venison come hell or high water. In summery, this dude would stomp your ass!

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