A collection of weird people that will make you feel extra normal -Part 2 (20 photos)

a these ugly people exist 2 A collection of weird people that will make you feel extra normal  Part 2 (20 photos)

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  • randy

    i feel normal now.

  • Michael

    Sucking nipples makes my hair stand up too…everywhere

  • Dan

    i’m polish

  • Danny boy

    I’m polish

  • Looney

    Apparently Dan is polish.

    What does that mean? You decide.

  • hannah

    The first grannie one is obviously photo shopped XD

    Same with the girl with the uni-brow.

  • Jcjcsuxc

    EIH27T comment1 ,

  • Lai-Lai

    Hey, that last one looks a lot like my old boss!

  • xclusive02

    freaks, freaks, freaks

  • robin yates

    the Granny on the excercise bike has potential !!!

  • kj00000

    ty i do feel way more normal now


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    Хорошо написал. Так держать!!! 🙂


    одобрямс статью 🙂


    блин…писал-писал, а сообщение не отправилось и не сохранилось 🙂 вообщем блог понравился. админу удачи в развитии.

  • Rob

    I believe the word ‘fugly’ was coined for this spread.

  • kenzie


  • kenzie

    blah,blah,blah,talking out your mouth with your blah,blah,blah

  • dave

    it's the least of her problems but why don't girls shave their arms? I don't like that anymore than I like girls with hairy legs.

  • http://www.nerdygaga.com/178/weird-human-deformities-2/ Trisha

    Great post. It really make me thankful that I am normal. There are times that I do feel insecure about how I look, but when I do I can look at this post. I also come across a blog that talks aboutHuman deformities . This post and the one I was referring to provide great insight. That we need to be thankful of being normal.

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  • http://macortho.blog.com/2011/12/07/rotator-cuff-injury-do-i-really-need-surgery Micky

    Grandma!! Please go and put some clothes on, my friends are coming over.

  • http://www.facebook.com Guillianne

    Weird stuf ha ha

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