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  • robin yates

    the pic of guys in a pool with dangerous electrics maybe americans on holiday in europe ?

    • brett

      who goes on vacation to hang out in an inflatable pool

      • Bill

        That confirms: They are Americans¡

  • SreyaNotfilc

    After watching the film, Star Trek, I decided to start watching the series. Never was a Trekkie, but the movie piqued my interest. That photo comes from (I believe) episode 7. I remember thinking that the stalagmite was oddly shaped. Anyway, the captain ends up getting captured, but soon after kicks everyone's ass and beams back to safety.

    • Pars

      oh thats the one where he get captured, kicks ass and then beams back to safety… Been looking for that one which season?

  • DANG

    Or, more likely, Europeans can be just as stupid as they accuse Americans of being. It’s not at all impossible.

  • Anonymous

    it is electricity, not electrics and vacation, not holiday.

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