Hot Right Now: Some NSFW historical facts that they’ll never ever teach in school (19 Photos)

Hilarious Masturbate for Peace posters (11 photos)

a masturbate for peace war1 Hilarious Masturbate for Peace posters (11 photos)

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  • maribella

    if that’s what it takes,
    then dammit, i’m in!
    nobody can ever accuse me of being unpatriotic.(:

  • Kittymouth

    I will gladly do my part for the cause! Every night if necessary!

  • robin yates

    a wank a day keeps the para medic away

  • Alex.O_O


  • Alex.O_O


  • Anonymous

    stoke ur bifkin?

  • chicks dig it

    If you don't masturbate, the terrorists will win.

  • joedirt


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