Splinter Concept: Super car made out of wood (15 photos)

a2 wooden concept car12 Splinter Concept: Super car made out of wood (15 photos)
The Splinter concept was developed by Joe Harmon for his graduate project at the Industrial Design Course – North Carolina State University.

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  • bluesix

    wood? seriously?

  • Equalizer

    Santa, I want that car for Christmas. I don’t have to bring it in a carwash, all I have to do is to polish it with floor wax, great.

  • roberto

    awesome, im a industrial design student

  • Sam

    I’m pretty sure that this car was on campus at VT. I have a pic on my cell

  • exexec

    This has been done. Google a car called the “Marcos.” It was a British car made in the 60s by March & Costin (hence, the “Mar” and “Cos” of Marcos). Looks quite a bit like an old Jaguar XKE. Very sharp car — and made of wood.

  • Zadok


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