Name Brand FAIL Part II (31 photos)

a brand name knock off fail 2s pics 29 Name Brand FAIL Part II (31 photos)

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  • Digitsis

    Some funny and some kind of scary. Why I never buy food or beauty aids from the dollar store

  • xclusive02


  • robin yates

    you get what you pay for,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • deadmode

    hahaha shit some of that stuff is just dumb.

  • boe

    its all dumb their not typo’s its just how its spelled by other countries

    • PartyMarty

      Not true. Corporations don't spell their company names differently in different markets. Pansonic does not become "pansenic", Jack Daniels does not become "Johns Daphne" and in no part of the world are Playstations marketed as "Polystations". They're all cheap black market knockoffs.

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