Top 10 Reasons why Ed Hardy sucks

a lead in ed hardy Top 10 Reasons why Ed Hardy sucks

10. Ed Hardy clothes will make you rip them to pieces for no reason.

rip shirt off ed hardy0000 Top 10 Reasons why Ed Hardy sucks
$200 T-shirt down the drain.

9. Ed Hardy clothes will make you fat.

britney spears fat ed hardy0000 Top 10 Reasons why Ed Hardy sucks
Britney used to be skinny before dawning this bikini..

8. Child Abuse

jr douche ed hardy0000 Top 10 Reasons why Ed Hardy sucks
This little fella has no idea his parents are dressing him up in gear that will surely get his ass kicked.


hotchicks douchebags ed hardy0000 Top 10 Reasons why Ed Hardy sucks
An Ed Hardy shirt is a one way ticket to being featured on Not good.

6. These Guys

these guys0000 Top 10 Reasons why Ed Hardy sucks
Photo speaks for itself. If you are reading this and you are also in the above photo remember to cut length-wise, not across.

5. TJ Maxx

tj maxx ed hardy0000 Top 10 Reasons why Ed Hardy sucks
Ed Hardy shirts, known for being retarded expensive are now in your local TJ Maxx tagged to move for $9.99. Someone should tell Beyonce.

4. Ed Hardy will break your iPhone

ed hardy iphone break0000 Top 10 Reasons why Ed Hardy sucks
Simply download the Ed Hardy iPhone app and in seconds your screen will shatter in disgust.

3. Lil Wayne

lil wayne ed hardy0000 Top 10 Reasons why Ed Hardy sucks
Lil Wayne is a piece of shit. Lil Wayne endorses Ed Hardy. Ed Hardy is a piece of shit.

2. Ed Hardy will get your ass kicked

beat up0000 Top 10 Reasons why Ed Hardy sucks
Stop domestic abuse. Stop Ed Hardy.

1. Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag

spencer pratt ed hardy0000 Top 10 Reasons why Ed Hardy sucks
Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag are at fault for the housing crisis, the stock market crisis, the auto industry crisis and now the Ed Hardy fashion crisis. I swear if I ever see them in public, I would gladly serve jail time for kicking them both in the junk.

Update: just came out with #124 ‘Hating People Who Hate Ed Hardy’. Definitely worth the read!HERE

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  • Richard

    Ed Hardy sucks. its the new Hollister over here where I live. People only wear it to look cool and fit in.

  • Vanessa


  • Matt

    awful, do u actually think ur funny?

  • aaron

    that first pick is adolfo gonzalez from bostons wbcn’s morning show toucher and rich, he is hilarious, he is fat and stupid and now he wears ed hardy, tri fecta, he is still hilarious even if he wheres that disgusting douchewankery

  • Anonymous

    ed farty is just another lame clothing line, it’s designer labeled, therefore people think they are cool for wearing it, It’ll die out soon, it’s just something celebrities wear, and if celebs wear them then every teenage douche bag wants to wear them. It’s just clothes…my god I hate how people HAVE to wear this shit…it’s funny…spending 100-200 dollar’s on a fucking shirt when you could be spending that money helping a starving kid in fuckn mexico or africa or something. Celebrities are dick fuck’s, and their selfish…they have all the money in the world and they waste it on meaningless things, it make’s me sick. Fuck em all dude, TV is just a sill distraction and so are stupid clothing line’s like this.

  • Jackson

    Ed Hardy and Chrisitan Audigier are by far the most popular shirts, Hollister sucks. Ed Hardy is worth it if you want to spend money.

    • Marc187

      Not at all

    • JAFitC

      Yeah, and I'll bet you make a duckface in every photo.

  • gardenia28

    Blah blah blah. I just dropped two grand on ed hardy stuff and had a blast! It may eventually fade out,but it won’t matter…there will always be something I can blow my money on.

  • Marry

    There are more important crises in today’s world to be disgusted with.

    Get a life.

    • John

      Yeah, like voting and amnesty.

  • xclusive02

    waaahahahahahaha. Ed Hardy. Ha ha. The shirts crack me up

  • notadbag

    “just dropped two grand on ed hardy stuff and had a blast!” Seriously. “there will always be something I can blow my money on.” Really? You are victim to a sad cycle that will always be in motion. Recognize that and be free. Fashion is the most disposable of the arts. But you might have trouble hearing me over your loud shirt festooned with skulls and roses. When did the tacky L.A. porn bum douchebag look become “classy?” $200 does NOT buy you style.

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  • Good lord

    Most of the people upset at a fashion line…are usually the broke asses who can’t afford it. Get over it if being broke pisses you off to the point you go make up blogs about clothing you suck at life…and really need a job.

    • Reminder187

      Most people with cash cannot dress themselves. Your money can't buy raw original flavor. You're just mad cause you're a douche bag. Mr. I have no steeze of my own so i buy shit at trendy places for false identity. fuckn clone!!!

  • joco

    Hahah this site is tight. Ed hardy is for fags!

  • kali10

    Too funny & yet sad.
    Don Ed Hardy sold-out decades ago (he’s what 70?)…& this sh*t ‘based on’ his art is now being pimped by the French-fried ChrisAudigier promo dude…An insult to Inkers & true artists!!
    Oh! Don’t forget the other EdH pimpin’ couple: Octo-Douche-Dad + Hailey-Ho-Hag! ;-P

  • John

    All I want to know is has anyone ever gotten laid for wear that shit.

    • denis

      yes i did

      • bob

        You must be from Jersey.

  • MAC64

    I can’t tell how much i hate this Ed Hardy crap, that asshole Christian Audigier who has invented it and everything that is related to this, like dumb ass celebrities and teens who lacks an own personality. I would not even wear this shit it in public if you give my 100$, seriously.

  • Anonymous

    And who are you to juge what’s beautiful are not? you can say that you like it or not but anyway your that upset you did a blog wow

  • dragontamer363

    That guy can rip his shirt of allll he wants.
    It’s about soddin’ time we got some nice guys to perv over.


    But yes, ed hardy isn’t great. It’s like the chav’s ‘rock’ clothes

  • Ed Hardy Haters


    SO DO WE !!!!!!!!


    And spread the hate with us

    Over 800 Members, and growing rapidly !

    Love Ed Hardy Haters


  • Nicole

    If you had a life you would stop trashing others, I don’t like it either but are you really gonna make up lies??? I mean realling it will break your phone or will make you get beat up. You mothers need to stop trashing other peoples and trash your Fake, Trashy, piece of shit lives and stop talking about Ed hardy you mother fuckers are stupid dumbasses. That’s All i have to say peace out Ass holes

  • Hate it

    I hate hate HATE Ed Hardy. But this was not funny in the least, save for the last reason

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  • charlie d


  • charlie d


    • Charles

      ed hardy is for douche bags…if you have the money to blow on a hundred dollar t-shirt, just buy a fucking collared shirt and dress like an adult

    • anti_douchebag

      we can afford it, but we won't cuz we ain't douche-y. I would explain why, but your small douchebag brain would not be able to process the information anyway. You're probably to preoccupied by all those important things you have to do; get my hourly fake tan, pose, get my faux-hawk trimmed, pose, get a tribal tattoo that means nothing to me that looks like my friend matt's tattoo. Preferably in the same spot, pose. Busy douchebag!

  • suzy

    the word is “donning” not “dawning”

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