Top 10 Reasons why Ed Hardy sucks

a lead in ed hardy Top 10 Reasons why Ed Hardy sucks

10. Ed Hardy clothes will make you rip them to pieces for no reason.

rip shirt off ed hardy0000 Top 10 Reasons why Ed Hardy sucks
$200 T-shirt down the drain.

9. Ed Hardy clothes will make you fat.

britney spears fat ed hardy0000 Top 10 Reasons why Ed Hardy sucks
Britney used to be skinny before dawning this bikini..

8. Child Abuse

jr douche ed hardy0000 Top 10 Reasons why Ed Hardy sucks
This little fella has no idea his parents are dressing him up in gear that will surely get his ass kicked.


hotchicks douchebags ed hardy0000 Top 10 Reasons why Ed Hardy sucks
An Ed Hardy shirt is a one way ticket to being featured on Not good.

6. These Guys

these guys0000 Top 10 Reasons why Ed Hardy sucks
Photo speaks for itself. If you are reading this and you are also in the above photo remember to cut length-wise, not across.

5. TJ Maxx

tj maxx ed hardy0000 Top 10 Reasons why Ed Hardy sucks
Ed Hardy shirts, known for being retarded expensive are now in your local TJ Maxx tagged to move for $9.99. Someone should tell Beyonce.

4. Ed Hardy will break your iPhone

ed hardy iphone break0000 Top 10 Reasons why Ed Hardy sucks
Simply download the Ed Hardy iPhone app and in seconds your screen will shatter in disgust.

3. Lil Wayne

lil wayne ed hardy0000 Top 10 Reasons why Ed Hardy sucks
Lil Wayne is a piece of shit. Lil Wayne endorses Ed Hardy. Ed Hardy is a piece of shit.

2. Ed Hardy will get your ass kicked

beat up0000 Top 10 Reasons why Ed Hardy sucks
Stop domestic abuse. Stop Ed Hardy.

1. Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag

spencer pratt ed hardy0000 Top 10 Reasons why Ed Hardy sucks
Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag are at fault for the housing crisis, the stock market crisis, the auto industry crisis and now the Ed Hardy fashion crisis. I swear if I ever see them in public, I would gladly serve jail time for kicking them both in the junk.

Update: just came out with #124 ‘Hating People Who Hate Ed Hardy’. Definitely worth the read!HERE

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  • Z

    Christian AuDOUCHEier is laughing all the way to the bank with his trailer-trash-“luxe” wear..

  • HellHathNoEdHardy

    Never heard of ed hardy until i saw this post.
    Personally I never buy any clothes where a designer feels he needs to slap his name all across it.

  • Jon

    Im sure there are at least 100 reasons why Ed Hardy sucks but 10 will suffice

  • queegie

    Haha. Sorry-who COULDN’T afford, $12.99 at TJMaxx, Ross, or Marshalls for Ed Hardy garbage?If you don’t find it even cheaper on clearance. Or in a homeless person’s shopping cart. Pretty sure no one hates Ed Hardy because they can’t afford it. More like because wearing it puts a giant neon sign of doucheness on the wearer. Just ask “The Situation”, sad loser dad from John and Kate plus Eight, any “classy lady” from Bad Girls Club, or any man with a Napoleon Complex (google it) DOWN THERE…
    Yep- we are all just poor jealous haters.

  • Josh

    People who wear Ed Hardy are so lame. They think they are cool because they wear the clothing. Man I hate them so much. Fucking asshats.

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  • Slammehard

    Yeah, you got it right – Ed Hardy is for douche bags. Ya think you're still in high school? Grow the fuck up!

  • rrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    Every time I wear my Ed Hardy shirt right away I am approached for sex. Unfortunately, it's always some orange boy who wants to suck my cock. Women are repulsed by Ed Hardy.

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  • helleys

    haha ,u guys really funny

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  • sean

    ed hardy sucks their shirt are cheapy made the rip easy the people who wear ed shity are always douchebags guido faggots (like the ones from jersey shore) and dumbasses who follow trends . there ridiculous expensive (even though cheapy made) the people who wear this shitty clothing are trying to be cool or to look like there some badass went really they look like pussys the designs are the same thing on all there clothing the retarded looking tigar or a skull with a rose that look more like tattoos than some shirt design i aslo dont get is why do the dumbfucks who wear this guys cloths just dont get tattoos like that ? celebritys who represent all sucks the reason why they market this guy cloths is because their desperate for money and are trying to get attention dumbfucks like jon gosselin the retard heidi and spencer couple and lil wayne who have no talent at all ED HARDY AND DON ED HARDY SUCK

  • kissel

    Hey Sean how do you know they are cheaply made? Did you own one at some point and get beat up by someone else wearing one of these shirts. You seem awefully hostile about this subject….

  • Mr. Tee

    Ed Hardy Sucks, Ha…. Read This Article about Ed Hardy Sucking ass >>

  • Silvers

    mmmmkay, so I don't see a reason why you should hate something because other people wear it. You can wear what you want. I don't wear Ed Hardy clothing to fit in (which is stupid) I wear it because I like it and the style of it. I guess to some people its a show of wealth but its not like that for everyone. I mean all I have thats Ed Hardy is just some sneakers and a messenger bag. :/ I'm sorry that you all don't like it but I suppose its your loss and someone else's gain.

  • Ispeakchive

    "Great things are not accomplished by those who yield to trends,fads and popular opinion" Jack Kerouac

  • allen

    It’s garbage, someone with no talent, I wear lucky 13 myself, hardy is going for lousy wannabe greeser look, too bad it still sucks

  • nike soccer

    Ultimately, Tantric practices give me the opportunity for more love, better sex and practical spirituality.

  • noneedforaname

    Ed Hardy is for people without style.

    • JohnSmith

      Disagree; Ed Hardy is for people that think they can buy style.

  • somejerknamedkevin

    wow! people actually wear this crap?

  • Creveat

    You dress as if you are a clown. Does Ed Hardy clothing come with free face paint? If not, it would seem you are being taken over a barrel.
    The design process for these shirts must consist of Ed Hardy thinking to himself, "I wonder how many overused symbols of perceived coolness I can mash together, while at the same time ignoring fundamental design principles. ….. Of course, skulls and roses with a bunch of asymmetrical scribbles behind it! Oh, not enough colour. I know, lime green skulls!! Genius. "

  • Anonymous

    I sad as hell that ed hardy went out of business. I used to be able to spot douche bags from at least 300 meters. Now I have to wait till the 25 meter mark to avoid them

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  • kali10

    The t-shits sell 90% off @ TJM, 75% off all over the internet…
    Celebs are paid to wear them…poor dudes buy them. sad.

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