Blue pen art by Juan Francisco Casas (22 photos)

a blue pen art juan francisco casas 19 Blue pen art by Juan Francisco Casas (22 photos)
These are not photographs, these are sketches drawn with a blue ink pen…amazing.

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  • wow...

    the one with her in her blacck underwear wow… she has a nice pussy… look at it buldging out mmm yummy…

  • Anisa

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  • Juan Francisco Casas Ruiz

    Dear friend:
    My name is Juan Francisco Casas and I am having some legal problems with one of the girls represented in my drawings that you posted. She wants you to delete:

    Image number 8, 9 and 15

    Hope you will understand my situation.
    I really appreciate that and I am very sorry for the inconvenience.
    Thank you in advance.

  • Serhiy Kolyada Underground, almost forbidden art in Ukraine made with ball-point pen…

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