This guy is going to melt off 430 pounds in 27 photos (Warning gross)

fat kid lead This guy is going to melt off 430 pounds in 27 photos (Warning gross)

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  • Anonymous

    This one takes a lot of discipline

  • Anonymous


  • Fiona

    Holy shit! he’s hot at the end! thats incredible!!

  • Looney

    What if he gets all that fat back and doesn't have the skin he needs for it…

    • itisme

      Or the fat cells since they were mostly removed with the lypo. lazy bastard…

  • Chaise


  • Assault Commander


  • Equalizer

    His Girlfriend probably told him to loose weight or no sex…

  • Appley

    Ew. He’s less gross at the end. But the fat guy still lives within.

  • Anonymous

    Peter Griffin to Hank Hill

  • l33t

    Lasherman, you are retarded. He didn’t have the “fat sucked out of himself.”

  • bad1

    alot of ppl seem to copy wat everybody else says, shits me,
    the guy looks alot happier so why cant ya just be happy for him?
    he wasnt happy and obviously had issues losing the weight (funny how so many ppl critisize and say crap like”oh he took the easy way out” who gives a shit why wouldnt you? )
    if hes happy then thats all good and wish him luck in his life being the new him “fay guy within” or not

  • Koko

    You guys need to stop making assumptions. TLC did a special on this guy; he did lose the weight naturally and is living a very healthy lifestyle. And it wasnt his girlfriend who told him to lose the weight. He never had a girlfriend before he got healthy, lol. Seriously.

  • kk

    I actually saw the tv special on this guy – his best friend is the blonde guy in one of the first pictures who is a trainer that works with a local news station. the guy wrote a letter to the station asking for help and the guys became friends after meeting. It was not done b/c a gf threatened no sex, the guys was a virgin prior

  • Someone

    The trainer guy is smokin hot.

  • Nat

    Wow, he’s actually hot.

  • Reversedfate


  • bryainiac

    wow man, that mother fucker makes me feel like the biggest asshole alive.
    i am already skinny as shit and i just want to go to the gym but i am too fucking lazy to do that shit and just get cut.
    that crazy guy lost a garbage truck load of weight, then got buff after he had his skin cut off so he could look normal.
    that dude really went to work, good job for him…………….maybe now i will have some incentive to work out.


    • Cragnous

      Yeah well he is now a personal trainer so that always helps to stay fit.

      The problem with going to the gym is that it won't last unless you always go at least twice a week. I trained for 2 years and then i broke my foot in a stupid accident and couldn't do most of my training. I lost almost all my muscles and got my belly back. Now that my foot is healed i started again but this is the 2nd time i had to stop it it sucks having to do it all again… it also sucks to keep it up.

      My trick is to incorporate my trainning in everyday exercises, like running or taking my bike whenever i can. It's not much but it keeps a good shape easily

      …back to that guy… his only problem now is that his body is full of scars… but still, what he did was great and so worth it. He's an insperation.

  • irviiii

    thats a man to take example from………….

  • Anonymous

    Okay, this is how all of the fat people should do it. I mean, seriously, who likes fat people?! Sure, they can be nice, but you don’t like them because they are fat, and they don’t like being fat either, so this guy should be an example to the fatties 😀

  • sander


  • dude nigs

    I wonder what the did with the extra meat.

  • stacey

    Wow!Good for him, that is truly amazing!

  • Tensay

    inspiring. How did he melt it off? By shaking someones hand? and in 27 weeks? pretty amazing.

  • hammer and tongs

    fk yeh! this guy is awesome as hell.

  • Mindy

    I've met him and he's a really nice guy, genuine and kind.

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