If T-Shirts told the truth (8 Photos)

gaydudeshirt lead If T Shirts told the truth (8 Photos)
Hysterical gallery from the minds at Holy Taco.

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  • http://myspace.com/cloc420 clokwork

    the 1st pic is totally speaking the truth

  • HordeFTWMaow

    Nothing wrong with being a magical troll. 😀

  • Claudia

    They be funny if all of them weren’t shopped on to them.

  • SpotYouOut

    Funny but they're all photoshopped. Nice try

    • Concerned Chiver

      That's the point you fucking tool.


    Gee….How fake these all are. Did ya think we are NEW?

  • db3300

    I guess you’d have to be new if the title didn’t tip you off that these were ‘shopped.

  • Bob

    It’s called IF t-shirts told the truth. Idiots.

  • ian

    haha its supposed to be photoshopped! you guys are fuckin retarded. maybe a few of you are new

  • Krashtester

    What a bunch of dumb asses! Some people should be screened before they can comment….

    • seriously


  • Andrew

    Notice that the title of the entry is IF. IF. This implies manufactured realities, like those created by photoshop.

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