The World's Strongest Girl (15 photos)

a worlds strongest girl varya akulova 6 The World's Strongest Girl (15 photos)

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  • C


  • edc

    C is a MORON!

  • wow

    does she have email??? i want to date her… lol

  • sports

    shes awesome!!!! come on girl !!shes the beesssttt

  • Equalizer

    She will be a perfect wife to bully kid.

  • poopoo

    shes so hot!!!!

  • manny

    awesome saw this in discovery channel

    shes hot i need a wife like that

  • Hannah

    Wow really impressive but that can’t be good for a little girl’s growing body can it? Lol.

  • George Danger Cruz

    Yeah thats cool and all. But can she make a mean sammich?

  • Frankie Muniz

    Why does pictures from Russia look like they are from 1983? Has digital photography made it to the motherland yet?

  • Anonymous


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