World's Smallest Office (10 photos)

a worlds smallest office 1 World's Smallest Office (10 photos)

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  • Bang

    Seem more like a masturbation getaway.

  • BathrobesAreMyDailyUniform

    I bet when he moves the seat cushion, a toilet is revealed. You know, to add to the insult.

  • Anonymous

    looks like a wow haven to me

  • eedgan

    Makes you wonder what really goes on in there when the doors closes, huh?

  • Enchy

    The world’s smallest office has cum stains on the ground, still uses CDs/DVDs as backup media, has a nerdy keyboard and a tower case. Very up to date.

  • Underhill

    Mine is a bit bigger but has a 5'' orange-screen IBM ''PC'', 5'' floppy drive and a dot matrix printer
    and a corded phone.

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