George Bush's Greatest Goofs (35 photos)

a george bush funny faces 3 George Bush's Greatest Goofs (35 photos)
You can’t say the man didn’t have a sense of humor.

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  • robin yates

    just to think he was the most powerful man on this planet ( albeit a figurehead only )

  • robin yates

    Bush and his neocon cronies did more damage to the way the rest of the world viewed americans,,,,,,,,,,,let us hope President Obama can reverse this

  • Abbie

    I have changed my mind about Bush he is f-ing awesome!

  • Assault Commander

    this just illustrates that any frat boy idiot can be prez.

  • BushHater!!!

    i hate him but to think all those shity lookin faces were kinda funny

  • Eamer

    This kinda makes him seem more human… And It took more than one person to mess up America. The President does not make most decisions, and remember we elected him.

  • londonafter

    Maybe he’s an excellent person… but as a president? not so much

  • Anonymous

    its like a sitcom

  • roberto

    haha, looks like a promo for a new sitcom

  • top dog

    Hey!! wheres the one of him holding the phone upside down?

  • Delta

    Wow, less than two years later and Obama has already made me miss this guy like crazy.

  • emily

    god i hope we have another funny president ;P

  • Bryan

    Wow, I didn't realize how much I missed Bush until this. Thanks! Now do one of Obama!

  • Kims Mom

    Aw man the first picture! him hangin with the easter bunny is hilarious! Here's another you should add "bush rollin on dubs"

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