Woman are good drivers-NOT! (22 photos)

a women drivers borat1 Woman are good drivers NOT! (22 photos)

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  • Anonymous

    Ban women drivers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SreyaNotfilc

    ^ Here Here

  • Anonymous

    I third that driving takes away time that could be spent in the kitchen.

    • Kailash

      I think its pretty ltstefualy done considering its a Mickey Mouse theme. The 2nd bedroom is clearly geared toward children whereas the master is more adult but stays within the theme. That bathroom is, however, just plain scary!

  • Anonymous

    In all fairness, getting your Jeep stuck in the mud is not that bad. I did it and I’m a man.

  • at work

    Are you sure

  • DutchieLover

    my buddy pumped gas in high school and he said people would drive off with pump in tank at least once a month haha

  • peabody

    I’m a lady and I have never been in a accident or gotten a ticket!

    • Phil

      And everyone hates when you drive 5 under the speed limit on nice days, and 15 under on rainy days, and accelerate like you’re in an electric wheelchair.

  • Timebomb

    Old asian female drivers are the worst EVAR

  • Sean

    Women drivers no survivors

  • Always Last


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