• Proud Latina

    Racist if you ask me! Not smart at all!

    • Brandon

      Well, no one asked you.

  • Proud Latina

    Whats with the jacked up pic

  • ohFFS

    That's about the stupidest thing I've seen all week.

  • terry

    poorly done. I expected better from the chive.

  • Robert

    Not noted for their appreciation of the darker hues. Either in DAR or in the other "Daily Features".

  • Bryan Mejia

    he's got my vote!

  • snoopturtle

    it's not a comment on race, it's a comment on politics. aka dem or repub, it doesn't matter, we're all screwed. smh wth

  • caro.

    how is that racist?

  • Lasherman

    Because if a picture features any minorities, there is guaranteed to be someone stupid enough to think the picture is racist

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