Things you never want to see outside the airplane window (15photos)

a outside airplane window funny 330 Things you never want to see outside the airplane window (15photos)

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  • mMm

    LMFAO!!!! The Sham Wow guy is something I would like to NOT see anywhere!!!

  • i am me

    The iron man and starwars would be cool though

  • Nv_Me

    These are Totally Shopped!!

  • chefpaulo

    Shopped totally. However, the ONE I was expecting to see was of the gremlin looking in the airplane window from Twilight Zone’s “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet” circa 1963 with William Shatner in one of his first TV roles. That FREAKED ME OUT!!!

  • Quacodile

    As long as the wing is still there when I look out I dont give a flying f**k what I see, (flying, get it 🙂 )

    Also, is that steven hawkings daughter in the first picture?

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  • john

    what about the shark from mega shark vs. giant octopus. i can wager no-one would want to see that out their window!!!

  • Art

    That's some funny shit.

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