He made me do it (12 photos)

a shadow man control 2 He made me do it (12 photos)

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  • Anonymous

    This is really interesting!

  • Looney

    So, um, the guy in the black suit keeps you from doing good things, but he does good things himself? Ok…

    • Capn

      Its not so much that he keeps you from doing good things but makes you do bad things. The excuse when someone screws up or ignores something is “he made me do it”

  • Looney

    Sometimes it’d be nice if this stuff was attributed so we could look into it more…

  • One Sick Puppy


    I don’t get it.

  • nelly02

    nice. something a bit different.

  • KillKanyeWest

    Why's he got to be black?

    • http://callmesusana.blogspot.com Susana

      That was pretty much my question too. Let's do try to get away from programming into people's brains that black = evil/depraved/frightening/wrong/void. It is disappointing to hear young people echo the color associations that adults perpetuate.

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