That's not a tattoo, this guy is missing skin (14 photos)

a creepy anatomy tattoo 6 That's not a tattoo, this guy is missing skin (14 photos)
…I know, I’m a funny guy.

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  • Dilirium22

    I have nothing against tats, and these pretty awsome, but tattooing your face!!!! Now thats definitely taking it too far….

  • DERP

    DERPY woudnt waste derpy’s skin for that!

  • jessicaXjealousy

    haha, so sexy ;D

  • Zombieemee

    I think this guy is amazing for the dedication he put into getting all of that done….and he should marry me……yeah

  • EvilPixie

    So basically this guy has to walk around like a shirtless douche all the time?? Good luck getting a job that doesn’t require a name tag…

  • Zaeed

    Personally, I wouldn’t do this. But what he did is pretty god damn sweet.

  • ganjaz0mbie420

    Wow. I want to meet this guy. He’s fucking beautiful. Look at his eyes!
    I’d hit that. :3

  • alice v.

    i’d hit that….a lot !

  • evil_dead

    yea… i’m in love! where he live?!

  • Mattythegooch

    ahahahaha!! Nice tat of Texas on the arm. Look at me…..I’m an attention whore.

  • The Sanity Inspector

    A good general rule is this: The more violently someone disfigures their appearance, the more you can be sure that there is nothing otherwise remarkable or interesting about that person.

  • kitamrk

    what is his name?! this is extremely beautiful.

  • Mikhyel

    Wow. He’s beautiful. The only guy more gorgeous is the Lizard Man.

  • Lo

    I’m not usually into full body art, although I love tattoos, but that… is fantastic. The tattoo artist to begin with is excellent, and that guy is beautiful. Not only because of the blue eyes and pretty face, but because he is weird in the best of ways, and I’m not just talking about the tats. The man has so much charisma. He’s just downright impressive and charming. I wish there were more people with as much balls, and that people would understand that tattoos really are a form of expression, not just a way to draw attention.

  • Panocha

    this dude obviously didn’t want to get laid again.

  • Rachel

    But how is he gonna like it when he’s 60? Most of that ink is so darkly detailed it’s just going to fade into mush. What’s edgy at 20 is sometimes sad when you’re 40.

  • Dev

    This really makes me miss halloween.

  • Granny

    Very pretty kid! Amazing art work! Hope he never gets appendicitis or needs any other operation that'll spoil the lines! What will he do when every little bit of his skin is covered? Turn another leaf?

  • Fign

    <quote_title> thats-not-a-tattoo-this-guy-is-missing-skin-</end_quote>
    No, he's not missing skin, he's missing brain cells… and in great numbers.
    One more to go and earn the dole, or maybe joining a career in selling dolls…

  • Kelly McFall Berkey

    Wow…. I hope that whatever is taking care of him financially is going to keep doing so. There are only so many jobs out there that would hire someone with tatts like that and most of those are taken. I'm not tryin to dis on him, I'm all for tatts. But I do think that you would have to have big family money to get away with something like this and not feel it in the wallet later.

  • Tony

    He looks like he would be a good looking guy without those tats but with them he is a one of a kind hottie. I know quite a few extreme body moded or inked people and most of them are more compassionate and intelligent than the masses. His artist should be commended, looks like he got the number of ribs and all that right and the work itself is amazing. Send me both of their numbers!

  • Boo

    He could make a killing in zombie/horror film$! There are lots of places that would employ him actually. Some people are ignorant & lack creative imaginations. Tats extreme,yeah, but art neat. I hope he wasn’t abused as a child.

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  • LuLu

    Wow. I can't think of anything but this guy since I saw these photos. I want nothing more than to have at least a conversation with this gorgeous creature. He'll never know, but I think I might be in love, which is something Iv'e never felt about a person before. I only wish I could thank him for existing and being what he is.

  • Martin

    Rico aka Zombie Boy… He's in Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" music video

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