• SreyaNotfilc

    That’s really awesome! I should try that sometime.

  • bad dad

    kewl dood

  • Pictures of watermelon carvings

    […] Watermelon carving art contest (16 photos) : theCHIVE Jan 31, 2009 … a watermellon art carvings 12 Watermelon carving art contest (16 photos) · Watermelon carving art … […]

  • gtr

    there is one more thing they could've carved…

  • Watermelon and a Baby Carriage | Katherapy

    […] into a baby carriage.  Apparently you can carve a watermelon into anything and they even have contests.  Well, I’m not that advanced or artistic like my twinkie, but decided to test my skills on […]

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