Weekend Randomness 1.31.09 (30 photos)

a random funny pics 12 Weekend Randomness 1.31.09 (30 photos)

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  • robin yates

    thanks again,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ( will I ever say a bad comment here ? )

  • junephilippines

    last one pic is so asshole. what kind of mom is she

  • robin yates

    maybe just a Mom who is fed up with her horrible little kid ?

  • at work

    hahaha the jet ski one, how did his pants come off?

  • llllllllll

    Yes, you're correct, that is a jet ski, and I have some swamp land for sale that would make a great home site. It just needs a "few" improvements. Just razzin' ya'.

  • thom


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