12 most bizarre x-ray photos ever

bizarre xrays lead1 12 most bizarre x ray photos ever

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  • wazoo41

    photo shoped, why? look at the nail in the head… it haz no faded details, and nothing is rlly in there just decaled on, if u were god aat photo shop u would notice that in them.

    • shawn

      and why do you think that metal would have faded details? know anything about xrays? pretty much no

  • wazoo41

    and i AM aware these phtos are 4 ur amusment, and i cant spell right some times.

  • blaze

    The electric blanket is in a snake, and the 13″ serrated knife is in a dog. The kidney stone cannot be real because the kidneys are not located in the pelvis!

  • John Knoefler

    Actually it’s a bladder stone. and it is real.

  • Equalizer

    That Kidney Stone is Cool. A part of his memorable collection that he can show to his grandchildren.

  • ronnie

    this is stolen from oddee

  • tehb2

    Man, some of the s_ that gets into people. I feel bad for that kid, with the arrow LITERALLY sticking out of his head.

    • EZEE

      He needed that like he needed another….oh yea….damn.

  • Anonymous

    Ur ignorant its solid steel there for solid in color

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