I hope your cheating heart has car insurance (20 photos)

cheat heart destroy car 41 I hope your cheating heart has car insurance (20 photos)

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  • Nv_Me

    13th Pic, is that SHIT?? WTF!!

  • Matt

    You paying attention Tiger?

  • is.

    note to self – bitches be crazy!

  • Guest

    Notice how the majority of these cars are expensive ones? Must be cos all the rich folk think they can get away with it. Glad they did it… got what they deserve.

    • TIM

      You are an idiot. Nice car does not equal rich. Go occupy a college and get an education.

  • AzzMan

    Cheating…obviously they're doing it wrooooong…

  • Thor Mannion

    if you're a cheater-best buy a beater

  • bitchesouttaline

    the pics of that beamer make me sad. the car did nothing to her

    • http://thechive.com/ cubanitagirl

      poor car

  • http://thechive.com/ cubanitagirl

    crazy how most of these cars are veryyy expensive.

  • gogo

    The AUDI is not a cheater's car – there are 7 pickaxes driven in it – each one represented 10000 $ he owed to some gangsters, so 70000 $ total. He didn't pay back in time so they ruined his car as a warning what would happen next. The AUDI pics are from Bulgaria.

  • mrkerrdontplay

    regardless of whether you drive a kia or a lambo, this is certainly "slap a bitch" type behavior

  • lol

    People better be sure that it is the right car they're messing with. If I (as a single guy) found my car ruined this way I wouldn't rest until they've payed up.

    On another note on the "I hope she was worth it"/"Whore"/etc., I really hope smashing the window or spraying on your ex's car was worth the lawsuit for destruction of property that unevitably follows. You got fucked, was cheated on, now you'll pay as well. Good luck with that.

  • Nikki

    No tard ass it’s mud!

  • AzzMan

    but that's no fun, i sorta hoped it was shit..

  • Erk

    Pretty sure thats shit..

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