Don't feed it after midnight, the real-life Gizmo (12 Photos)

real gizmo lead1 Don't feed it after midnight, the real life Gizmo (12 Photos)
The Tarsier or Tarsius syrichta is almost the smallest primates in the world and you will find them only in the Philippines. Their wide round eyes and cute snobby nose make them adorable to look at while their cuddly small size can contain them in the palm of your hand!

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  • maribella

    this is the ugliest effing thing i have ever seen in my entire life.

  • omnomnomnom

    i want one. just to get it wet

  • xclusive02

    those eyes are freaking me out, yet he is sooo awesome

  • ...rofl...

    Lol “i want one. just to get it wett” HAHAHAHAHAH XD

  • Captain Pasty

    Interesting thing about tarsiers is that they were originally grouped with the strepsirrhines (lorises and lemurs), but they’re now grouped in with the haplorrhines (catarrhini, platyrrhini, apes, humans), purely based on morphology. They’re considered as a link between the primitive and more advanced primates.

  • nolleezz

    AWWW! I want one!

  • Alan

    its the I FUCKING LOVE THIS STICK! guy

  • Bajau

    Not only in the Philippines. You can see Tarsiers in Indonesia too.

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